Alive Media Group is a media production and marketing company founded in 2001. On the production side, AMG produces television shows, commercials, in-store content and web videos for social media and all digital platforms. On the marketing side, AMG develops marketing and media strategies with creative ad campaigns and promotions. We specialize in TV, video and social media marketing.

Our niche is the natural products market. We have provided production and marketing services for many of the best selling brands (scroll down). We've also worked with major names in fitness, travel, hospitality and the arts. Despite our accomplishments, we are still a small boutique company that obsesses over our projects, our clients and their needs. As you can see from our wide range of services below, we’ve got you covered. What can we do for you?

Alive Media Group

Media and marketing strategy. From consultation to implementation. The big ideas start here.

The MHM Group

Multi-platform video production for websites and social media.

Lago Productions

National television production company. Producers of Alive & Well and Hollywood Angels


Our full-service social media powerhouse. Millions of new customers for your brand. Don't miss out!

Retailer TV

Producers of in-store content (television and digital) for businesses and retail chains.

Alive & Well TV

Television’s premiere healthy lifestyle show, devoted to modern organic living.